Gear Hobs

Greg Allen Company offers a wide variety of percision gear hobs for many industries. These gear hobs are the best gear cutting tools in the automobile and industrial machinery industries.

All gear hobs are developed and manufactured through a process of total quality control, management and extensive research and development activities.

Gear hobs are developed in a modern art facility using RG500 & RG1000 Reishauer profile grinding machines to produce high accuracy profile AGMA “AA” or DIN “AAA”. Next, SNC30 Klingelnberg sharpening machines are utilized to create the perfect hob cutting face. Finally, all Hobs are inspected by PNC65 and PNC33 Klingelnberg CNC inspection machines.


The Greg Allen Company “Generating Profits for the Gear Industry!”. We achieve two objectives for all of our customers: Precision Made and Cost Effective.

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