Gear Shapers

Greg Allen Company offers a wide variety of gear hobs offered by Trans Mechanical (TSA).

TSA is a market leader in the production of shaper cutters used to cut high quality gears. These shaper cutters are used in precision mechanisms such as automotive gear boxes, reduction boxes, dosifier pumps, etc. TSA shaper cutters enable cutting DIN 3972, 5480, 5482 and 8197 (for chains) profiles. TSA offers a full line of shaper cutters, which includes internal cutters for shaping external teeth.

All shaper cutters are manufactured with state of the art machine tools and 1st class PM steels. Moreover, the TSA Engineering Department is qualified to design TSA shaper cutters for special profiles by customer request.

TSA shaper cutters can be provided with ION BOND TiN titanium nitrade PVD coating.


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