Frenco gmbh

Spline Measurement Static and Dynamic Gaging

FRENCO GmbH was founded in 1978 and has since then been engaged in the specialist field of gear and spline metrology. Most of today’s gears and splines are precision items, for whose production both expertise and special tooling with very tight tolerances are required. In order to measure the manufactured workpieces, companies need even more accurate measuring and inspection equipment. FRENCO has committed itself to this challenge.

Our FRENCO concept is characterised by consistent quality and customer orientation. Customer preferences and requirements can always be integrated, as we only start manufacturing the measurement solution on receipt of the order. We also place a lot of emphasis on service, flexibility and quality.

This is reflected in our motto: “Pure Perfection”


The Greg Allen Company “Generating Profits for the Gear Industry!”. We achieve two objectives for all of our customers: Precision Made and Cost Effective.

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