Index Technologies

Hob, Shaper & Broach Sharpening, CNC Gear Checking

Index Technologies’ exclusive process reconditions your hobs and shapers to meet or typically surpass Industry standards specified by AGMA or DiN. Customers from Mexico, the United States & Canada have made Index their “GO TO” shop for hob, shaper & skiving cutter reconditioning.

Here are a few of the advantages you will find with Index Technologies:

  • Incoming Inspection
  • Customer Communications
  • Equipment
  • Edge Preparation
  • High Performance Tool Coatings

Index has streamlined operations for receiving & incoming inspection having tools qued for processing within hours of receipt. Enabling us to offer 24-hour emergency service when required. Our standard delivery time is the most rapid in the industry.


The Greg Allen Company “Generating Profits for the Gear Industry!”. We achieve two objectives for all of our customers: Precision Made and Cost Effective.

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