Precise Tool & Mfg

Prototypes, Wire EDM, Custom Fixes & Gages

We have over 100 CNC machines and over 200,000 square feet of floor space. We pride ourselves on being large enough to win bids against large rivals, but small enough to provide each of our clients an unmatched level of personalization and attention.

We have an overall commitment to quality, precision workmanship, and on-time delivery, attracting customers from companies around the eastern United States. Computerized estimating and job costing help keep track of all phases of manufacturing, including delivery.

Our employees are proud of their capabilities; we are committed to providing them with a plant that is clean, well light, and one of the most modern in operation today. It is our sincere belief that if you give people good working conditions with new machinery of the latest technology, they will always produce a superior product of the highest quality.

Doing more than the contract calls for is part of the professionalism you get from Precise. We take that extra step, we always have. The finished product must not only perform better, but it must also look better. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs and our capabilities.


The Greg Allen Company “Generating Profits for the Gear Industry!”. We achieve two objectives for all of our customers: Precision Made and Cost Effective.

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